About Us

Dem Novel Tees mission is to bring some LOLs into the fashion industry. Established in 2015 by two young creatives, DNT is brought to you by the founders of Western Sydney Starter Packs, the Facebook page created out of the humour and diversity that stems from the multiple different subcultures within Western Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. In keeping with the spirit of WSSP, DNT exists as a blend between individuality and universal humour while breaking out of generic stereotypes.

A new trend needs to be set and DNT is here to set that trend with stylish yet cheeky designs that will no doubt become staple items for both everyday wear and the summer festival season. Bringing you a brand that combines humour, style and awareness of all trends, we are young, grew up in western Sydney, love getting rowdy and huge lovers of LOLs.

We are located in St Clair / Erskine Park 2759.

Ship through Australia post.

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